Personalized Wine Labels With Scallop Shell Art

orange and blue wedding wine labels

Large Wine Bottle Labels

Wedding wine labels can be used on favors at the reception and are usually added to bottles of specialty wine chosen by the couple. We create horizontal or vertical favor labels in large (4.5 x 2.7 inches) and small label (3.75 x 2 inches) sizes.

The one shown here is light blue with orange text to match the colors in the scallop shell artwork – which is an original design, and not clip art.  As you can see a custom message to the wedding guests can be added to the top, with the bride’s and groom’s names along with the date of the wedding (if you choose) below.  Use the template at the bottom to include the name of the wine or spirits inside.

Eight stickers per sheet for the smaller labels and four per sheet for the large size.  Bulk discounts begin at 2 sheets for the large and the smaller labels have a minimum order of 5 sheets, but also offer discounts for multiple orders.  View each type of label to learn more on the product pages.

As always, we are happy to make something special for you!

Modern Invites For a Tropical Christmas Wedding

christmas theme wedding paper

Starfish and Holly Design

It’s not too early to begin thinking about your upcoming holiday wedding on a warm, sandy beach. Combine a wedding in the tropics with the holiday season and special ceremony invitations are needed.

We’ve created pretty starfish draped with holly and berries to create that special theme. The sea star is often used to depict the couple who loves the ocean when wedding stationery is needed and many couples choose the cooler weather months to get married and honeymoon in the islands.

This wedding invitation wording is set up to have the bride and groom do the inviting, but we’d be happy to help you change it. The newest of our “starfish and holly” designs has a dark red background with green text in keeping with the Christmas theme, but of course you can choose any colors.

Ideas For Beach Wedding Themes

At Sandpiper Wedding we have been creating invitation stationery

round save the date beach wedding stickers

Beach Sand Theme

You both love the beach. You love to surf, snorkel, fish, dive, paddle board, ski, and go sailing. Just about anything ocean related is the perfect way to enjoy life in your opinion. So, what better way to say “I Do” to that special person than at the side of the ocean where you spend all your free time?
There would be no other option for such a couple.

After the ring is given and she says “oh ya”, then you’ll decide on the perfect location (so many beaches to choose from!) and of course you will want fabulous invitations to make guests aware of the wedding theme.

Beach or tropical wedding themes are all lovely, in my opinion. The flowers that grow in ever-warm climates are gorgeous, and the sea life is cute. Starfish are the most popular choice, but sea horses also do a nice job of imitating a couple in love forever.

Traditional beach and ocean scenes are always a favorite with couples, and even plain, black and white could be perfect for a simple, yet elegant ceremony.

Caribbean Yacht Charters Are Perfect For Honeymooners

boats in caribbean st. lucia

St. Lucia, Caribbean Islands

If you are dreaming of a tropical getaway honeymoon, have you considered chartering a yacht or private boat in the Caribbean? Similar to being on a cruise ship, but to a much smaller scale, these ships are like having your own personal vehicle to travel among the islands, stopping where you want, and seeing places that can only be accessed by boat.

Experienced couples can rent their own private ship and be totally alone on the water, or take a trip on a crewed yacht where all the navigation and food preparation is taken care of for you while you sit back and relax in the sunshine and warm climate.

If you have the money to spend, a Caribbean yacht charter sounds like a fabulous way to make the most of your romantic honeymoon adventure in the tropics. To read more, visit the site where you can learn about the various options available for a seafaring trip.

(Photo credit: Pixabay)

Lagoon Blue, Tropical Wedding Program Template With Photo Holder

photo wedding program

Add Your Picture to This Program

Our new wedding program templates feature the popular “blue lagoon” color with an all-over background of starfish. All three sections of the paper are easy to customize using templates. White text shows up nicely over the pretty blue-green and the square picture of the bride and groom is framed in light, silver gray.

By using the “letterhead” stationery to design ♥ beach themed programs, size 11 x 8.5 inches, offers a choice of upgraded paper. All images, color and text will show up on this one side only. After purchase, the customer will need to fold each program into thirds, accordion style.


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