Shoes or No Shoes- Beach Wedding Footwear

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Shoes or no shoes? That is the question. Beach wedding footwear can be tricky. Will you wear heels, sandals, fancy flip-flops, or maybe take the casual road and just go barefoot? There are tons of choices when it comes to choosing the right footwear for your wedding. Your shoe selection will depend a lot on where the actual ceremony will be held. If you are planning on walking and standing directly in the sand, your shoe choice may be different if it’s on a boardwalk or at an outdoor site that overlooks the ocean front. This blog is for those getting married directly on the white sandy beach (where ever your destination may be)!

Shoes can be a girl’s best friend, or her worst enemy. Just be aware that any type of shoe, even flip-flops, may kick up sand while walking. You also want to make sure that you (and your wedding party) are comfortable throughout the entire ceremony. If you get any sand in the shoes you are wearing, you may be more focused on how uncomfortable you are, then actually focusing on what really matters. The trick is to look your best from your head to your toes, while maintaining a good comfort level. Below is a really cool alternative that may be just what you are looking for if you are debating between wearing shoes or no shoes for your beach wedding.

If you want the look of wearing beautiful sandals, without actually wearing them, check out barefoot sandals. The top of your foot gives the impression that you are wearing a sandal, but there is no sole. It’s like wearing jewelry for your feet. There are actually many beautifully designed barefoot sandals to choose from such as pearls, diamonds, and seashells. They even make them for men and children, so the entire wedding party can wear them! *(It would be a great gift idea for the bridesmaids as well!) 

*One last thought~ Don’t forget that depending on what time of day you are getting married, the sand may become hot. So think about maybe bringing an extra pair of white flip-flops, just in case you do end up needing to wear them. You could even wear them for the wedding reception afterward if that is indoors. Just be prepared for anything, so when it comes time to say “I do”… you are comfortable and everything is just as you had imagined it would be!

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