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My Sandpiper Wedding store is part of the website and recently Zazzle implemented a review option for customers to leave their opinions about products they have recently purchased. The reviews appear at the bottom of the product pages and they can be a bit misleading unless you pay close attention to which product is being reviewed because all the reviews are not for the specific product shown. The reviews will be related to the item, but not necessarily the image you see.

For instance, the thank you card I have linked below is one of mine and a customer recently left a nice review for it. Further down the page there are more reviews and they are not for my product, but for “note cards” in general. It’s easy to see that if you take the time to look closely at the image next to the review.

I don’t know how many customers will scroll down the page far enough to read the reviews,  or how many people will be affected by what other buyers have to say, but as the designer, I look forward to reading what my customers think about what I’ve made.  So writing them is very important to the designer of the product. It’s the feedback we need to let us know if there is a legitimate problem with the image or design. If it is defective in some way we may never know unless a customer says so and personally, I would want to know if I need to re-make it so others won’t waste time and money on their purchases.  We also love to read the good things you have to say!

What I’ve learned so far by reading product reviews (my own and on products created by other designers).

  • Customers are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the paper and printing
  • Colors are very close to how they look online
  • They are happy with customer service and shipping issues are quickly taken care of
  • Some people think that their custom text will be proofread for errors – nope – that won’t happen!
  • Some people who purchase invitations don’t realize they can change the paper type!  You really will want to upgrade from basic paper for your wedding invitations.

Anyway, many thanks to all my fabulous customers and especially the ones who take the time to write a review!

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