Why You Should Have a Dessert Table

Miniature Dessert Table - Alice Project - Shau...

Miniature Dessert Table – Alice Project – Shauna Younge Replica #4 (Photo credit: PetitPlat – Stephanie Kilgast)

I have not attended a wedding in a long time, and the only dessert I remember there being was wedding cake. Wedding celebrations have changed a lot within the past few years and many couples now choose to make their day uniquely theirs by incorporating their own style. The predictability of weddings is no more.

One nice change is the use of a dessert table. For everyone who hates the thought of eating super sweet frosting covering a calorie loaded piece of cake, just for the sake of celebrating the day, this is good news!

Although most couples do have a wedding cake of some kind, many choose to offer other options to wedding guests. To do this, a special dessert table will hold a buffet of goodies, preferably decorated in colors that match your theme. Food choices range from lollipops and cake pops to nuts and popcorn boxes.

Even the type of desserts can match your theme. For example, a Fall wedding could offer apple tarts, apple pies or pumpkin flavored desserts. It’s also your chance to incorporate choices that may be more healthy than cake, just in case someone at the wedding can’t eat sugar. Nuts and popcorn may fit that bill.

The dessert table should be decorated simply and in a way to match your theme. Beach wedding planners could use a piece of driftwood and scatter seashells around the tabletop. Tropical flowers and shell-shaped platters are another idea. The use of little cards or labels to describe the food is helpful also, but not necessary.

A dessert table could also be used at an engagement party or bridal shower.

For your enjoyment, visit the Amy Atlas site and scroll through the hundreds of pictures in the “eye candy” section, and grab some ideas for creating your own dessert table.

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